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Slovak Infrastructure for High Performance Computing

Number of Cores


Computing Cores


Memory Capacity

600 TB

Compute Network


What is HPC?

High performance computing (HPC) means using (super)computers and computing clusters to solve problems that are numerically or data intensive problems freom various fields of science and technology. Examples include medicine (genetics, „in silico“ drug design, …), physics (meteorological a climatological models, nuclear and particle physics, …), chemistry (properties of atoms and molecules, corelation between structure and reaktivity, ….), but also economics (investment risk, stock growth, …) and many other fields.

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Cluster computing

A computing cluster consists of multiple computers, connected by a high speed local network, that work together to seemingly provide a single powerful system. Clusters, due to their higher price efficience, are often used to increase performance and availability. They use software, that allows high performance distributed computing. Cluster performance is oftentimes increased by using graphical accelerators. HA – high availability can be implemented by redundancy of the key components of the cluster and ensures its continuous production even when some of its components fail.

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Total Number of Cores


Total Capacity of Hard Drives


Total Memory