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Count on us

Computing resources of the SIVVP national project are freely available to the employees and students of Slovak universities, employees of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and other national research and development institutions in Slovakia. System access for academic personnel is provided free of charge. If you are a member of a Slovak research and development institution, working on non-commercial research problems and are interested in using the computing resources of the SIVVP project, all you need to do is to register. You will be provided with remote Internet access. Afterwards you can connect and "count on us" anytime and anywhere.

The registration process is slightly different for the various partners of the SIVVP project, but the basic steps are as follows:

  • Users comming from one of the partners of the project will register at their home institution. Registration of the rest of the users is provided by the Computing Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences through this web-page: www.register.sivvp.sk.
  • Users need to create a private and public key-pair for the ssh remote access (guide for SAS Computing Center can be found here). They will input their public key along with further registration information through the registration website.
  • User registration details are verified, their account is approved and a testing account is provided on the SIVVP computing resources. Registration confirmation along with further information is sent to the user email.
  • Computing time is provided for computing project, that have a description, responsible solver and finite duration. In the end, project scientific output (publications, ...) are submitted. You will learn the details about project creation during your registration.

SIVVP project partners provide various system configurations and software. You can find the configurations on this page: Computing systems.


Partner institutions of the SIVVP projeckt provide various software for their users. Software resources are updated based on user requests. You can find lists of available software on partner webasites.

For more detailed software specification please contact the partners of the project.